Editorial Services

With so many competing priorities and obligations, isn’t it a relief to know that your off-site communications department is just a click away? From a half-page ad insert to a PowerPoint presentation to a comprehensive editorial review of a doctoral dissertation, we’ve got your back! So next time you’re toiling over a document while thinking about all of the other things you could be doing – or if grammar just isn’t your thing – give us a try. Proposals, white papers, marketing collateral – we’ve done it all, and we’ve never missed a deadline. I work with a full array of talented editorial, design and production professionals to get your job done right, using Adobe Creative Suite as well as Microsoft Office. Please take a look at the samples within, which are categorized for clarity.

So if your workflow is more like a fire hose, stop obsessing over subject-verb agreement. You should be calling or emailing your off-site comms shop. The sooner you do it, the sooner that pesky project will be off your desk!


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